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The Province and Cities

The estate on which the Ostrich Manor lies is just outside the Gauteng Province in the North West Province.
Gauteng litterally means gold area (gaut in Afrikaans of course means gold, and eng addresses a locative). North West is a combination of two previous provinces; the old Cape Province and the Transvaal. The latter well known by the Dutch, as the area in which several bloody 'Boerenoorlog' battles at the beginning of the previous century took place.
These provinces have been rearranged after 1994 into nine new provinces. Also the present government started up a program to change western names –especially those of past opponents, like strong apartheid defenders- into local ones, like; Tshwane for Pretoria and O. R. Tambo International Airport for Johan Smuts International. Also our own town of Brits is planned to become Madibeng but the two are both being used.

Pretoria (Tshwane)

Pretoria is the administrative capital of the South African Republic (with Cape Town as its legislative twin city). It lies c.a. 60 km’s from Johannesburg. But the cities are rapidly growing into each other and it’s predicted that they’ll become one of the largest and densed capitals of the world in less than 30 years from now, with over 25 million inhabitants at that time. It is a modern metropolis with sky scrapers and wide avenues, stretching out over various hills and valleys. In the past it has always been a politically important city, due to such thing as the ending of the ’Boerenoorlog’, ending of apartheid, important musea etc. And where Johannesburg finds its origin in the gold digging, Pretoria is founded by the settlers. It’s therefore a historically important city with various important historical buildings.

Johannesburg (Jo'burg)

íGoli’-city of gold- is with its over two million inhabitants the largest city of South Africa, although only founded in 1886 as gold diggers town, Johannesburg has by far the most important airport of South Africa, with over 2 million inflights per year. De city is thé major business capital of the country (especially the suburb of Sandton) with large sky scrapers. It's surrounded by many townships for the poor and refugees, of which the south western one of Soweto is the most famous. From a tourist point of view the city has much more to offer, besides huge shopping centres, than known.
And the economy is rapidly changing and growing. Suburbs like Sandton and Centurion are booming. And with the Tshwane Convention Centre under development in Centurion, connected with Johannesburg International Airport by speed train, another capital chapter in South Africas future is on its way.

Sun City

SunCity is an enormous, extravagant, pompous and luxury complex of hotels, restaurants, bars, gambling facilities, theme parc, swimming pools, theaters, disco’s, shops etc. located almost 200 km North West of Jhannesburg International Airport. Golfers can eat their heart out at the absolute stunning Gary Players Country Club with its yearly one million dollar tournament. A true paradise is the Valley of the Waves containing an artificial beach, with powerful waves that even attracts surfers. On the north side in an ancient volcanic crater of 25 km round, the 55000ha large Pilanesberg National Park has been created, in which almost every specie of the South African wildlife –of course including the Big 5- can be spotted. Many consider Pilanesberg of more interest than Krugerpark because of its variety in landscape, lesser visitors and better maintenance. the Ostrich Manor lies just in between Johannesburg and this attraction, for which it has become one of the favourit stops in between a long ride.


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