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Triple-layer Safari Tents

At the beginning of the development of the Ostrich Manor's concept it was clear that a modest tented camp was essential to contribute to the feeling we're looking for. Not as the cheapest of all accommodations -although they are- but to transfer that unique experience of spending the dark African night almost in the wild. Of course with all provisions needed and all safety measures required.

Five spacious 2-person tents, a covered wooden terrace, toilets and showers a few steps away and great beds for some well deserved rest, if you can resist to watch one of the most beautiful night skies in the world with millions of stars!

Hot or cold? The triple layer tents cool off in the evenings quite fast and in the short July winter we also do it the African way; hot blanket in bed and even hotter drinks on the terrace.


Please note that our Safari Tents don't have any self-catering facilities and that we strictly do not allow any own food and beverages to be brought in.

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GPS destination: 25.41.22 South, 27.52.18 East

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